About Iron Gate


Iron Gate Capital was formed in 2005 to meet the needs of a group of individual investors that sought access to a professional managed source of compelling private equity investments. Today, IGC is surrounded by an impressive group of private investors that include current or retired CEOs/Presidents of highly successful companies across a range of industries.

  • Access to our investors and their networks: We deliver value to our portfolio companies through leveraging our skills and networks. Our partners and investors are all proven entrepreneurs and operators. They are investing their own capital in Iron Gate companies and get behind each investment with their expertise and relationships.
  • Experts in emerging growth stage: We target companies at the growth stage of their life cycle. These companies have proven products meeting a real market need, paying customers and experienced members on their management teams. They face execution challenges as they are beginning to experience growth. Iron Gate strives to be a capital partner who can help them achieve their growth plans and drive to a successful exit.
  • Experts in asset-based investments: We also target companies that own, or are building, an income producing asset such as real-estate, oil & gas, or financial instruments. Our partners and investors include experienced developers and operators that are able to quickly assess the quality and value of these assets and assist the operating team in driving strong, long-term asset utilization.
  • Flexible amount of capital per deal: We are flexible on the amount of capital we deploy per transaction. As a result, we appeal to companies seeking smaller tranches of growth capital such as $3 million, as well as companies seeking up to $10 million.



We seek to reduce capital risk by selecting opportunities that have proven revenue models or income producing assets, are managed by proven executives with industry expertise, and where we can secure attractive terms with customary structures to protect our investors’ capital.

  • Sector: Due to the depth of our Partners and investor’s expertise and networks, Iron Gate can evaluate investments across most asset classes and industries; however, we pride ourselves on not chasing assets and industries that are over-priced and/or exhibit weak economic factors.
  • Stage: Prospective portfolio companies must demonstrate a proven revenue growth model that is at, or near, positive cash flow or they need to own (or be building) income producing assets such as real estate, oil & gas, or financial-based instruments. We do not invest in seed stage or early stage venture capital deals.
  • Geography: We invest primarily in companies domiciled in the United States.
  • Capital: We seek to deploy between $3 million and $10 million in any initial investment.